Top European Longevity Clinics present at Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

Longevity Clinic CEOsBerlin, Germany –  For the first time, leading longevity clinics will present at the Rejuvenation Startup Summit (Berlin, May 10-11, 2024). 

Rejuvenation/Longevity biotech is a new, emerging field of medicine. It aims to prevent and reverse the diseases of aging by addressing their common root cause, the aging process itself.

Longevity clinics are at the forefront, offering longevity-focused interventions, supplements, and therapies available today. In addition to an exciting range of presentations from CEOs of startups in rejuvenation & longevity, meet three of the leading longevity clinics in Europe at the Rejuvenation Startup Summit:

  • Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO, presents The Longevity Center, Europe, with clinics in Poland and Switzerland. After three years of operation, Joanna will present new data at the Summit on her 1,500 clients, most of whom have been tested and retested to explore correlations between biological age and current medical knowledge.
  • Francois Casanova is the Co-Founder & CEO of AYUN a Swiss-based Longevity Clinic. Driven by a commitment to innovative and individualized healthcare, Francois is dedicated to shaping a future where longevity and personal wellness are at the forefront.
  • Petr Sramek, co-founder of Healthy Longevity Clinic with clinics in Boca Raton, Florida, and Praque. Petr, a former lifelong entrepreneur and Managing Partner of, co-founded the Healthy Longevity Clinic in 2021 to provide access to cutting-edge therapies and diagnostics faster than it is usual in the rigid healthcare industry. While expanding fund portfolio companies, the clinic established a path to allow their clients to get access to these therapies years earlier than in any other place in the world.

The Summit will feature an all-day Startup Forum for easy networking. Beginning at noon on Friday and ending with a party for all attendees on Saturday night, the Summit will provide ample opportunity to network with some of the most promising leaders in the field, including representatives from the Longevity Clinics.

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About the Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit (Berlin, May. 10-11, 2024) hosted by the Forever Healthy Foundation, is a vibrant networking event that aims to accelerate the development of the rejuvenation biotech industry.

Rejuvenation/Longevity biotech is a new, emerging field of medicine. It aims to prevent and reverse diseases of aging by addressing their common root cause, the aging process itself. Rejuvenation therapies aim to reverse or repair age-related cellular changes such as molecular waste, calcification, tissue stiffening, loss of stem cell function, genetic alterations, and impaired energy production.

The Rejuvenation Summit brings together startups, members of the longevity venture capital and investor ecosystem, and researchers interested in founding or joining a startup – all aiming to create therapies to vastly extend the healthy human lifespan.

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About Forever Healthy

The Forever Healthy Foundation is Michael Greve’s humanitarian initiative with the mission to accelerate the transition to a world without age-related diseases. Activities of the foundation include hosting the annual Rejuvenation Startup Summit, funding translational research on the root causes of aging, and providing evidence-based evaluations of current rejuvenation therapies. Greve’s venture capital firm Kizoo, which directly supports the creation, mentoring and financing of rejuvenation biotech startups, is also part of the initiative. Investments include Cellvie, Cyclarity, Revel, Elastrin, LIfT, and MoglingBio.

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