Supporting Startups

To accelerate the availability of rejuvenation therapies, we make lighthouse investments in entirely new, repair-based approaches that treat the root causes of aging and thus overcome age-related diseases.

​Through the creation of successful companies, we seek to inspire scientists, investors, and the general public by demonstrating that human rejuvenation is not science fiction anymore and that the resulting therapies are affordable and uncomplicated.

Technologies pioneered by our startups include removal of arterial plaque, decalcification of aged tissue, breaking of protein-glucose cross-links, and delivery of new mitochondria to aged cells – all aiming to prevent and repair common age-related conditions such as myocardial infarction, stroke, high blood pressure, tissue stiffening, skin aging, and loss of muscle function.

Mentoring and support for these teams are handled by Michael’s VC company Kizoo.

Michael Greve, founder of Forever Healthy, commits €300 million to advance rejuvenation startups