Berlin, May 10-11, 2024

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The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity venture capital, and interested investors

                Breaking news: Please find the full program featuring over 40 speakers leading the indistry here

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024 is a vibrant networking event that aims to accelerate the development of the rejuvenation biotech industry.

The summit brings together world-leading rejuvenation startups, members of the rejuvenation/longevity venture capital ecosystem, and the wider investment community.

It is the world’s largest in-person gathering of startups in the space. This is the second edition of the event, following the inaugural summit in 2022, which had more than 400 participants from over 30 countries.

Rejuvenation/Longevity biotech is a new, emerging field of medicine. It aims to prevent and reverse diseases of aging by addressing their common root cause, the aging process itself. Rejuvenation therapies aim to reverse or repair age-related cellular changes such as molecular waste, calcification, tissue stiffening, loss of stem cell function, genetic alterations, and impaired energy production. These therapies not only aim to significantly extend the healthy human lifespan but also offer a groundbreaking new business model for approaching healthy longevity.

In addition to an exciting line-up of keynotes, presentations, and panels, the Summit will feature an all-day startup forum for easy networking.

Beginning at noon on Friday and ending with a big party on Saturday night, there will be ample opportunity to connect, learn, and network with the key players in the field. All meals and drinks are complimentary.

Rejuvenation Startups

Learn from the leading investors in the longevity space and get them interested in your approach. Connect to potential new team members. Present on-stage or in the all-day startup forum (limited availability). Panel discussions include participants from leading rejuvenation investors.

Rejuvenation/Longevity Venture Capital

Meet the most promising rejuvenation startups worldwide, hear them present their approaches live on stage, and get in touch with them immediately.

Investors, Fund managers, Family Offices

Take the opportunity to learn about the enormous potential of the emerging rejuvenation biotech industry, which could become one of the biggest industries ever. Connect to relevant players, VC funds, and startup CEOs. Explore and learn about investment opportunities.


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Keynotes, Company Pitches and Panels

Please find your brilliant speakers leading the industry. To see the full program, click here.

Michael Greve

Michael Greve, CEO
Forever Healthy Foundation

Mehmood Kahn

Mehmood Khan, CEO Hevolution Foundation

Eric Verdin, Prof., CEO 
Buck Institute

Nina Ruge, Science journalist and best-selling Author

Marco Quarta

Marco Quarta, Co-Founder and CEO Rubedo Life Sciences

Greg Fahy, Co-Founder and CSO Intervene Immune

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy, Prof. NUS Singapore

Alejandro Ocampo

Alejandro Ocampo, Prof., Co-founder and CEO of Epiterna

Dobri Kiprov

Dobri Kiprov, Co-founder and CSO of Lyfspn

Jean Hebert

Jean Hebert, Prof., Founder and CSO, BE Therapeutics

Lorna Harris

Lorna Harries, Prof., Co-Founder and CSO Senisca

Lukas Langenegger

Lukas Langenegger, Co-Founder and CEO, Hemotune AG

Celine Halioua

Celine, Halioua Founder and CEO, Loyal

Robin Mansukhani

Robin Mansukhani, CEO, Deciduous Therapeutics

Alexander Leutner, Managing Director cellbricks

Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO, MatterBio

Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman, Co-Founder and CEO, ReservoirNeuroscience

Janine Sengstack

Janine Sengstack, Co-Founder and CEO Junevity

Lou Hawthorne

Lou Hawthorne, Founder and CEO NaNotics LLC

Alex Schueller

Alex Schueller, CEO
cellvie AG

Joanna Bensz

Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO Longevity Center Europe

Reason, CEO
Repair Biotechnologies

Nikolina Lauc, Co-Founder and CEO GlycanAge

Mike Kope

Mike Kope, CEO of Corporate Affairs at

Francois Casanova

Francois Casanova, Co-Founder and CEO AYUN Health & Longevity Center

Aaron Cravens

Aaron Cravens, CEO
Revel Pharmaceuticals

Juergen Reess

Jürgen Reeß, CEO Mogling Bio

Rob Carhill, Co-Founder and President Junevity

Vlad Senatorov

Vald Senatorov, Co-Founder and CSO Reservoir Neuro

Stephen Helliwell, CSO at cellvie AG 

Sam Sharifi, Co-Founder and CSO, MatterBio

Bobby Brooke

Bobby Brooke, CEO and CTO Intervene Immune

Sophie Chabloz

Sophie Chabloz, Co-Founder and CSO of  Avea

Patrick Burgermeister

Patrick Burgermeister, Partner Kizoo Technology Capital

Matthew O'Connor

Matthew O’Connor, CEO of Scientific Affairs at Cyclarity

Naren Vyavahare

Naren Vyavahare, Prof. Clemson, CSO, Elastin Therapeutics

Jens Eckstein

Jens Eckstein, Investment Partner, Hevolution

Alex Colville

Alex Colville, Co-Founder, General Partner Age1

Jan Adams

Jan Adams, Partner Apollo Health Ventures

Marc Bernegger

Marc P. Bernegger, Founding Partner maximon

Sergey Jakimov

Sergey Jakimov, Managing Partner LongeVC

Petr Sramek

Petr Sramek, Co-Founder Healthy Longevity Clinic and Managing Partner 

Stephanie Dainow

Stephanie Dainow, Executive Director,

Phil Newman

Phil Newman, Founder and CEO Longevity.Technology

Mourad Topors, CSO
Repair Biotech

Otto Kanzler

Otto Kanzler, CEO Rockfish Bio AG

Frank Schueler, Managing Director. Kizoo


Felix Frueh, CEO PAGE Therapeutics

Oxana Polyakova

Oxana Polyakova, CSO LIfT BioSciences

Mark Allen

Mark Allen, CEO
Elevian Inc.

Peter Fedichev

Peter Fedichev, CEO Gero 

Rob Konrad Maciejewski, CEO

Aaron Weaver

Aaron Weaver, Principal Apeiron, Co-Chairman, Rejuveron

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy, Prof.
NUS, Singapore

Sike Hüttner

Silke Hüttner, CMO
Rejuvenate Biomed

Vlad Vitoc

Vlad Vitoc, CEO
MAIA Biotechnology

Chris Rinsch

Chris Rinsch, CEO and Co-founder of Amazentis

Cristiana Banila

Cristiana Banlia, CTO Mitra Bio

Robert Cargill

Robert Cargill, CEO Glionics

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Conference Venue

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024 will take place at the “Radialsystem” a fin-de-siècle brick building, where sublime industrial architecture meets an attitude that promotes transparency and cool modernism. Centrally located on the banks of the river Spree close to the Berlin Ostbahnhof and Berlin’s famous Holzmarkt.

Radialsystem, Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin