Rejuvenation Startup Summit premieres October, 14-15, 2022 in Berlin

The Forever Healthy Foundation is pleased to announce the world’s first Rejuvenation Startup Summit will be held October 14-15, 2022 in Berlin.

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit is a vibrant networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity investors, and translational researchers, and aims to accelerate the development of the rejuvenation biotech industry.

Startups will be able to connect with investors in the longevity space, present their approach, and get them interested in their work. Investors can meet the most promising rejuvenation startups from all over the world and get in touch with them straight away. Researchers with a startup itch can learn how to successfully break out of the lab and found or join a rejuvenation startup.

The summit brings together all those working on therapies that aim to vastly extend the healthy human lifespan. In addition to an exciting range of keynotes speeches, presentations, and panels, the summit features an all-day startup forum for easy networking. Starting midday on Friday and finishing off on Saturday night with a big party, it offers ample opportunity to connect, learn and network with the most relevant players in the field.

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit is not only open to startups, investors, and translational scientists – all interested members of the broader longevity movement, scientists from related fields, aspiring students, and the general media are also welcome.

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Kizoo Portfolio Company Elastrin Therapeutics Inc. closes $10M Funding Round

Portraits of Dr. Breugelmans and Dr. Vyavahare
Dr. Breugelmans und Prof. Dr. Vyavahare

Greenville, SC, U.S. – Elastrin Therapeutics Inc., a privately held biotechnology company leveraging a platform to develop therapeutics that render calcified tissue and organs supple again, today announced the closing of a $10 million funding round led by Kizoo Technology Capital, a leading early-stage investor in breakthrough rejuvenation technologies. Other investors in the round include Starbloom Capital and SC Launch. Elastrin Therapeutics was founded in 2018 as a spin-out from Clemson University, where the technology was first developed over a 20-year period.

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Kizoo Portfolio Company Revel Pharmaceuticals Announces $8.4M Seed to Develop Repairing Based Approaches to Reversing Aging

Portrait Dr. Aaron Cravens
Dr. Aaron Cravens

San Francisco, CA, U.S. – Revel Pharmaceuticals, a longevity therapeutics company developing enzymes to repair damage from aging, announced today that it has raised $8.4M in Seed financing. The oversubscribed round was led by Kizoo Technology Capital, a leading early-stage investor in breakthrough rejuvenation technologies, and Starbloom Capital with participation from Tubus LLC. The funds will support Revel as it advances its repair-based enzyme therapy pipeline towards the clinic.

Today, enzymes are applied therapeutically in only a handful of applications, including for wrinkle treatment (Botox), cancer (Asparaginase), and cystic fibrosis (DNase). Revel Pharmaceuticals is reimagining how enzymes can be used as therapeutics by developing repair based approaches to aging and disease.

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Kizoo portfolio company LIfT BioSciences secures its largest financing to date with a further £5million

Hands forming a heart

London, UK ­– Kizoo portfolio company Biotech LIfT BioSciences today announced its largest financing round to date with a further £5million investment into the company in its mission to develop the first curative and affordable cell therapy for all solid tumours. The round was led by new investor Starbloom Capital with additional participation by Jonathan Milner, a leading biotech ‘super-angel’ investor and earlier stage investor in LIfT, Kizoo Technology Ventures, a leading early-stage investor in breakthrough rejuvenation technologies and Downing Ventures, a leading London-based investor.

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Forever Healthy and Buck Institute announce partnership to advance translational research in human rejuvenation

Michael Greve and Eric Verdin

Karlsruhe, Germany and Novato, CA, USA

The Forever Healthy Foundation and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging today announced a new partnership to advance early-stage discoveries at the Institute that show promise to reverse physiologic aging in humans. The focus will be on cutting-edge research aimed at the repair of age-related damage at the cellular and molecular level, a hallmark of the aging process. Forever Healthy will commit up to $1 million per year for five years to drive this innovation. The funding aims to advance early-stage research with high translational potential in order to speed up the transition from lab to product.

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Undoing Aging 2022 cancelled due to COVID19

Banner Undoing Aging 2022

Forever Healthy Foundation and SENS Research Foundation have announced that the 2022 Undoing Aging Conference in Berlin is cancelled. After the U.S issued a “Do-not-travel-COVID19-warning” for Germany and while facing a dramatic development in Europe, unfortunately the pandemic situation has made it impossible to plan for a vibrant physical event in Germany. There will be an automatic refund issued to the ticket holders in the next few days.

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Red Bull Innovator about Michael Greve: Longevity Pioneer

Portrait Michael Greve

Internet entrepreneur Michael Greve has gone from overweight hacker to longevity trailblazer with his Forever Healthy Foundation. See what he’s already doing today to live longer.

Red Bull has published the English version of their detailed article in its Innovator magazine on Michael Greve’s work at Forever Healthy to enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan.

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Kizoo portfolio company Underdog closes $10M financing round

Logo Underdog

Mountain View, CA, U.S., September 23, 2021 – Underdog Pharmaceuticals, a key investment of Michael Greve’s rejuvenation biotech VC Kizoo has closed a $10 million round of capital. Kizoo led the company’s Series Seed II round, which saw participation from both existing and new investors.

Accounting for up to 40% of deaths in Europe and the United States, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes are by far the world’s most life-threatening conditions. Their primary cause is atherosclerosis – the buildup of plaque in the arterial walls. Underdog’s engineered synthetic carbohydrate compound, UDP-003, is designed to target and remove toxic oxidized cholesterol, a key driver of arterial plaque accumulation.

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Risk-Benefit Analysis of Phospholipid Therapy


The Forever Healthy Foundation announces the public launch of the Risk-Benefit Analysis of Phospholipid Therapy, a structured review of the published evidence. It is the sixth publication of Forever Healthy’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative following the “Risk & Benefit Analysis Dasatinib and Quercetin as a Senolytic Therapy”.

Forever Healthy’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative seeks to continuously identify potential rejuvenation therapies and systematically evaluates them on risks, benefits, and therapeutic protocols to create transparency regarding the current state of said therapies.

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Kizoo portfolio company Underdog awarded ‘Innovation Passport’ by UK Regulators

Logo Underdog

Mountain View, CA, U.S., September 08, 2021 – Underdog Pharmaceuticals, a key investment of Michael Greve’s rejuvenation biotech VC Kizoo is one of the first companies to be awarded the Innovation Passport under the United Kingdom’s Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP). This will enable faster patient access to its groundbreaking treatment for the prevention of heart attacks and stroke.

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