Meet the Team

Michael Greve

Michael greve
CEO & Founder


Michael on twitter:  @epicoun (recently re-activated)

Michael is one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in Germany. He co-founded companies like WEB.DE and and is the initial investor in several German unicorns, such as Babbel, Staffbase, and Mambu.

Today, he focuses his entrepreneurial energy on his Forever Healthy Foundation to accelerate the transition to a world without age-related diseases. Forever Healthy’s initiatives include hosting the annual Rejuvenation Startup Summit, funding translational research on the root causes of aging, and providing evidence-based evaluations of current rejuvenation therapies.

Activities at Michael’s venture capital firm Kizoo complement the mission of Forever Healthy by creating, mentoring, and financing rejuvenation biotech startups that turn basic research on the root causes of aging into therapies for human use. 

Strongly believing that exponential technologies offer amazing potential for humanity and that we best realize it as a community of doers, Michael started Future [+]. The initiative seeks to connect people who enjoy creating a positive future with (art) events, round-tables, get-to-gathers, and its own social spaces.

Frank Schueler

Frank Schueler
Kizoo Managing Director

Frank Schueler is Chief Operating Officer of the Forever Healthy Foundation, Managing Director of Kizoo Technology Capital and Co-founder of the Rejuvenation Startup Summit.

Starting to work with Michael in 1999, Frank led the IPO of WEB.DE, co-founded the Kizoo Venture Capital business together with Michael and Matthias, and since then, helped numerous startups to grow. Among Frank’s other board-level assignments, mostly at Kizoo portfolio companies, he is on the executive board of Atevia AG, a public company for 16 years.

Previously, he was a strategy consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Frank holds a M.Sc. (New York) and a diploma in Business Administration and Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.

Heiko Schneefeld


Heiko has worked in leading positions in software development and management for more than 25 years. He has built up various companies focusing on digital services, several based in Asia.

Heiko already got to know our group during his technical responsibility for developing the financial center of AG. In this function, Heiko created the technical platform for the IPO of WEB.DE AG via the Internet in 2000, as well as for other major successful online placements, e.g., Deutsche Post AG. 

Modern development procedures and technologies are tools for continuous organizational development, which Heiko is responsible for as part of product development in service companies.

He has a degree in business information technology.

Matthias Hornberger


Matthias Hornberger is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Forever Healthy Foundation and Managing Director at Kizoo Technology Capital.

He has been part of the senior management team of the group since the IPO of WEB.DE AG in 2000.

With his long-standing experience in the investment sector and his comprehensive knowledge of typical features of successful business models, he is a competent reference person for young founders. Matthias has extensive contacts in the high-tech industry and numerous local and national networks.

Before joining the group he had a career in Investment Banking. He studied Business Administration at Universities in Mannheim and Toronto (Dipl.-Kfm).