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forever healthy.

Welcome to Forever Healthy

We are a private, humanitarian initiative with the mission of enabling people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan

An Incredible Opportunity

There is a vast amount of unused medical knowledge that we could take advantage of right now to optimize our health and well-being.

Moreover, the world has started the transition from an era in which we were utterly helpless about our aging process to one in which aging is under full medical control, and age-related diseases are a thing of the past. The first human rejuvenation therapies already are under development – some of them are even available today.

Used in combination, these exciting developments should enable us to vastly extend our healthy lifespan.​

It’s an incredible opportunity that we want to use to our full advantage.

Berlin, October 14+15, 2022

The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity venture capital, and translational researchers.

Our Initiatives

​Reviews the latest medical knowledge and creates actionable guides to maximize our health and well-being

Evaluates currently available rejuvenation therapies on their risks, benefits, and potential application
A comprehensive “how-to” that covers all aspects to maximize health, well-being, and longevity right now
Our annual conference in Berlin for scientists and startups to accelerate the development of human rejuvenation therapies
Financing some of the most promising rejuvenation research with strong translational potential
Speeding up the translation of research on molecular repair of age-related damage into human therapies

Connecting like-minded People