An Incredible Opportunity

It all started with a simple question:

“What do I have to do to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible?”

The bleak conventional outlook


This is the survival curve of humans over time as conventional medicine sees it today. It also shows the traditional view of the expected decline in health for an average individual.

Health is predicted to peak between 25 and 30 and go downhill from there as we age. Once we reach age 65, we are expected to be in much worse shape both mentally and physically than we were at our peak at 30.

​After that, things only get worse, and we are expected to die at about 75-80 years of age (the average lifespan). Some of us grow older, but no one lives longer than 120 (the maximum lifespan of our species).

Our quality of life is expected to even be worse


As our health deteriorates over time, our quality of life worsens at an even faster rate. Obesity and chronic diseases may lead to a lack of energy and vigor, maybe even mild or severe depression.

A heart attack or stroke might force us to be far less active than we would wish to be. Arthritis makes motion more and more painful, sometimes even early in life.

​Over time, many of the activities that we came to love when we were younger are harder or even impossible to participate in. Our libido diminishes and maybe even disappears altogether. And all this before we even reach retirement.

It does not have to be that way: Extending our healthy lifespan


By applying the latest and often unused medical knowledge on prevention, health monitoring, mental well-being, and integrative treatment approaches, we can dramatically improve our health, reverse chronic illnesses and substantially lower the probability of falling prey to age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

Moreover, some processes of aging can already be slowed down using existing approaches.

We can do even more: Extending our maximum lifespan


Scientists are hard at work to find ways to significantly extend our healthy and maximum lifespan beyond current limits.

Molecular and cellular repair technologies that are on the drawing board or already under development aim to undo the damage caused by aging. These rejuvenation therapies will allow us to slow down, halt, or even reverse the aging process thus eliminating the root cause of age-related diseases.

They will complement our existing toolset and over time, become more and more effective.

Much more than just personal benefits

This will not only greatly benefit us on an individual level, but also our loved ones, our economy and society as a whole.

On top of the immense personal benefits, extending our healthy lifespan will allow us to spare our loved ones the suffering caused by the often drawn-out burden we place on them when we fall prey to the gruesome diseases of civilization and aging. On the contrary: It will allow us to take them along, letting them access the same level of extended healthy well-being.

Our knowledge-based economy thrives on the contributions of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Rather than losing their youthful energy and mental capacity as they age, they will still be as physically and mentally fit at the age of 70 as they were at 30, with an additional 40 years of experience.

It will remove the pressure from our pension systems since people will not have to retire at a certain age but can decide to continue working in the job they love.

Due to improved and prolonged health, particularly in old age, the cost of our healthcare system, which is currently accelerating out of control, will become financially feasible again.

Above all, extending our healthy lifespan by decades or even longer will profoundly change our outlook on life. It will foster long-term thinking and encourage us to take responsibility for actions that will only show consequences decades from now.


All of this is within our reach …


It just depends on how seriously we seize this unique opportunity …

Here is our approach …