That was a blast!

Rejuvenation Startup SummitThat was a blast! – The Inaugural Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2022 took place with over 400 participants from over 30 countries. Thank you to all participant and your fantastic feedback – and: Thank you to all brilliant speakers and panelists to make this such a special event. Listening to the presentations of more than 30 longevity biotech start-ups, it is clear that there is an exciting future ahead!

We will be back in the years to come!

Rejuvenation Startup Summit

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit brought to you by the Forever Healthy Foundation, is a vibrant networking event that aims to accelerate the development of the rejuvenation biotech industry.

It is the world’s largest gathering of Longevity startups in-person. The Summit brings together startups, members of the longevity venture capital / investor ecosystem, and researchers interested in founding or joining a startup – all aiming to create therapies to vastly extend the healthy human lifespan. 

Rejuvenation/Longevity biotech is a new, emerging field of medicine. It aims to prevent and reverse diseases of aging by addressing their common root cause, the aging process itself. Rejuvenation therapies aim to reverse or repair age-related cellular changes such as molecular waste, calcification, tissue stiffening, loss of stem cell function, genetic alterations, and impaired energy production.


About Forever Healthy

Forever Healthy is Michael Greve’s humanitarian initiative with the mission of enabling people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan. Forever Healthy’s projects include evaluation of new rejuvenation therapies, evidenced-based curation of the world’s cutting-edge medical knowledge, funding translational research on the root causes of aging, and hosting the annual Undoing Aging Conference and the Rejuvenation Startup Summit. 

Greve’s venture capital firm, Kizoo, which provides mentoring, seed and follow-on financing for rejuvenation biotech startups, is also part of the initiative. To date, Kizoo has funded fourteen startups turning research on the root causes of aging into therapies for human application. 

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