Risk-Benefit Analysis of Centrophenoxine for Health and Longevity

CentrophenoxineThe Forever Healthy Foundation announces the public launch of the Risk-Benefit Analysis of Centrophenoxine for Health and Longevity, a structured review of the published evidence. It is the sixth publication of Forever Healthy’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative, following the “Risk & Benefit Analysis of Phospholipid Therapy”.

Forever Healthy’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative seeks to continuously identify potential rejuvenation therapies and systematically evaluates them on risks, benefits, and therapeutic protocols to create transparency regarding the current state of said therapies.

Centrophenoxine – Useful for Health and Longevity?

Centrophenoxine is a compound consisting of DMAE and para-chlorophenoxyacetic acid. DMAE can be converted by cells into choline, a precursor of membrane phospholipids, neurotransmitters, and other important biomolecules. The acid component enhances penetration across the blood-brain barrier.

Centrophenoxine supplementation is hypothesized to increase brain acetylcholine levels, protect neurons from oxidative damage, and improve cognitive function. Additionally, it is said to reduce accumulation of lipofuscin, a non-degradable, toxic byproduct of metabolism and a potential root cause for several age-related diseases.

Scope & Methods

This risk-benefit analysis seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Which benefits result from Centrophenoxine supplementation?
  • Which risks are involved in Centrophenoxine supplementation (general and method-specific)?
  • What are the potential risk mitigation strategies?
  • Which method or combination of methods is the most effective for Centrophenoxine supplementation?
  • Which of the available methods are safe for use?
  • What is the best therapeutic protocol available at the moment?
  • What is the best monitoring protocol currently available?

For this analysis, the team at Forever Healthy screened over 1400 scientific papers and performed an in-depth analysis of more than 150 clinical trials to determine usefulness and optimal application.

The results, including a detailed review of all risks & benefits, are available “Open Access” at Forever Healthy’s public knowledge base.

About Forever Healthy

Forever Healthy is Michael Greve’s humanitarian initiative with the mission of enabling people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan. Forever Healthy’s projects include evaluation of new rejuvenation therapies, evidenced-based curation of the world’s cutting-edge medical knowledge, funding translational research on the root causes of aging, and hosting the annual Undoing Aging Conference and the Rejuvenation Startup Summit. 

Greve’s venture capital firm, Kizoo, which provides mentoring, seed and follow-on financing for rejuvenation biotech startups, is also part of the initiative. To date, Kizoo has funded fourteen startups turning research on the root causes of aging into therapies for human application. 

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