Fourth Forever Healthy Online Meetup video available

Banner Forever Healthy MeetupIn our fourth Online Meetup, we talked about “Skin rejuvenation using the power of light” – how low-level light therapy (LLLT) can lead to a significantly improved appearance of the skin by restoring youthful cellular functions. Our invited speaker this time was Dr. R Glen Calderhead, “the Godfather of Low-level light therapy” (The Guardian).

​Calderhead, who is currently based in South Korea as Executive Managing Director of the Lutronic Corporation, is a pioneer in the field of LLLT and an internationally recognized authority on all aspects of phototherapy, photo surgery, and energy-based medicine.

The Meetup included Q&As and closed with a short networking session, in which participants had the chance to further discuss in separate breakout rooms. The numerous questions of the participants as well as the great discussion about LLLT assured us, that we could help to raise awareness of what Calderhead called “The most underestimated therapy in the world.”

Please find the recording of the event here