Fifth Forever Healthy Online Meetup video available

Banner MeetupIn our fifth Online Meetup, we talked about “Vascular Rejuvenation using EDTA” – how EDTA chelation therapy can be used to prevent and/or reverse vascular disease.

Our invited speaker this time was Dr. Lamas who is chair of medicine and chief of cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center and was the lead investigator of the TACT trial (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy). He initiated this multi-center double-blinded clinical trial, which took 10 years to be completed, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of EDTA chelation for the treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease. The results of the trial surprised the medical world, including Lamas, and led to further large-scale trials on chelation therapy.

The Meetup included Q&As and closed with a short networking session, in which participants had the chance to further discuss in separate breakout rooms.
Please find the recording of the event here.