1E9 interviews Forever Healthy’s Founder Michael Greve about his mission

Faces1E9 (Successor of Wired Germany) published an interview with our founder Michael Greve, separating science from fiction, discussing Michael’s personal story, and his vision for Forever Healthy to enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan.

Read the whole interview here (German)

Brief summary:

It all started with a quest for knowledge: In his times as internet-entrepreneur, Michael acquired some unhealthy habits and decided to drastically change his lifestyle. While there were some cowboy-style-marketed products available, he felt that the scientific evidence was lacking although the research in the field was actually flourishing. He decided to create the Forever Healthy Foundation to review the scientific knowledge in the field of rejuvenation, which is deeply buried in scientific journals, and make it accessible in a comprehensive way. Furthermore, he funds research and start-ups to accelerate access to healthy longevity for all of us.

“The entrepreneur in me is absolutely certain that this will be the greatest industry of all time.”

Upon the remark that aging is regarded as something natural, Michael replies that many things have been considered natural in the course of human history. “But just because something was like that in the past doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.” He and his Foundation want to raise awareness, that the main cause for age-associated diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Cancer is actually aging itself. The community is steadily growing and whether aging is curable is not a matter of “if” anymore, but rather a question of “when”.

Rejuvenation therapies are approaching, but nobody knows exactly how effective they are in humans, yet. While this is currently being researched, Michael highlights that there is actually a lot that we can already do today to stay healthy and fit. “I eat a healthy diet – really healthy – and do not eat anything that could harm the body. Physical activity is important, but so is mental well-being. I meditate. I do Yoga”. In addition to rejuvenation therapies, Michael and his team are reviewing scientific knowledge on health-related topics and share their practical guides on their website.

For Michael, it is clear that rejuvenation therapies are not fiction anymore. While there are some promising therapies already being applied today, the research in the field is accelerating.

“We are not talking about immortality”, Michael emphasizes. “We do not know how long life can actually be prolonged. But what I think is a nice vision is if people are as fit at 70 as they are at 30 – only with 40 years more life experience”.

Read the whole interview here (German)