Maximizing Health

So much Knowledge, so little Access

There is already a vast amount of cutting-edge medical knowledge that can be used right now to maximize our health and well-being.

Unfortunately, most of it remains unused because it is spread out across various experts, specialized communities, blogs, books, and websites, or deeply buried in scientific research, making informed decisions regarding one’s personal health quite hard.

We decided to transform this inaccessible knowledge into actionable information by thoroughly examining relevant topics, summarizing our findings, and publishing our results “open access.”

The “Maximizing Health” Initiative

To rise to this challenge, we have created the “Maximizing Health” initiative to …

  • review, research, and structure the latest medical knowledge on various health-related topics
  • cover a wide variety of subjects related to comprehensive health monitoring, mental well-being, integrative medicine, and personalized prevention​
  • create “Practical Guides” to turn inaccessible knowledge into actionable information and empower informed decisions about health and well-being
  • publish “open access” – ​freely share our evaluations, protocols, and learnings

Open for Collaboration

The initiative is set up as an international collaboration of scientists, doctors, and the team we are building at our foundation’s headquarters.

If you would like to collaborate, just leave us a note. If you are interested in joining the project team as a full-time member, please find the open positions here.