Rejuvenation Now


A Blessing and a Challenge


Senolytics, NAD+ Restoration, Lipid Replacement, Decalcification, mTOR Modulation, Geroprotectors, ... - the first generation of human rejuvenation therapies is available today. 

However, the field is still very young and the information often spotty. New therapies are emerging, and existing ones are updated or replaced.

Many of us can not or do not want to wait for decades until we have all the knowledge, perfect therapies and a lifetime of experience on how to implement such therapies. 

To take advantage of this exciting development right now, we need to navigate this time of transition and make very personal decisions about which treatments to apply and when. Arming ourselves with the best knowledge about therapeutic options is vital.


Project "Rejuvenation Now"


To rise to this challenge, we have created our "Rejuvenation Now" initiative to ...

  • continuously identify potential new rejuvenation therapies
  • systematically evaluate new and existing therapies on their benefits, risks, procedures and potential application
  • evaluate providers for specialized therapies (such as stem cell treatments)
  • freely share our evaluations, protocols, and learnings

The initiative is set up as an international collaboration of scientists and doctors in combination with the team we are building at our foundation's headquarters.

If you would like to collaborate, just leave us a note. If you are interested in joining the project team as a full-time member, please find the open positions here. 


Promising Rejuvenation Therapies

The therapies that we are currently reviewing or considering can be categorized into three major groups:


Existing compounds that slow our aging process to some extent or at least significantly lower our probability to suffer from age-related diseases.

  • Metformin
  • Berberine
  • Selegiline
  • DMAE & Centrophenoxine

Compensatory Treatments

Therapies that do not address the root causes of our aging process but rather compensate for the effects that it has on our body. 

  • Male & female steroid hormone restoration
  • NAD+ restoration
  • Young plasma infusions
  • Young plasma exosomes
  • Immune support with dendritic & NK cells

Molecular & Cellular Repair

Therapies that address the root causes or near-root causes of our aging process and repair damage on a molecular or cellular level.

  • Endothelial repair using MitoQ
  • Cellular membrane repair using IV & oral essential phospholipids
  • Arterial & capillary decalcification using IV EDTA
  • First generation senolytics: Dasatinib, Quercetin, Fisetin, Piperloungime, Azithromycin
  • Localized and systemic application of mesenchymal and amniotic stem cells
  • Thymus regeneration