Specialist for EBM

Specialist for Evidence-Based Medicine

Full Time - Karlsruhe, Germany


There is already a lot of cutting-edge medical knowledge and technology that can be used right now to maximize our health and extend our healthy lifespan.

However, most of that knowledge remains unused because it is either spread out across various experts, specialized communities, blogs, websites, books, and news feeds or deeply buried in the scientific literature. Thus it can be quite challenging to gather reliable information and make informed decisions regarding personal health and longevity.

To change this, we have set out to unify the knowledge from the world's leading sources and turn it into actionable information.




  • You will be responsible for holistically reviewing, researching and structuring the world's leading medical knowledge on various health and longevity-related topics and turning it into actionable information
  • Your work will cover a wide variety of subjects with a focus on prevention, functional medicine, early detection, and rejuvenation
  • Furthermore, you will be evaluating upcoming rejuvenation therapies such as geroprotectors, stem cell therapies, organ regeneration, senolytics, and parabiosis
  • You will publish your work as an integral part of Forever Healthy's public knowledge base thus enabling everyone to take advantage of the latest medical knowledge to maximize their health and extend their healthy lifespan



  • university degree in medicine
  • strong scientific curiosity, particularly for prevention, functional medicine, early detection, and rejuvenation
  • a passion for evidence-based medicine
  • excellent analytical skills
  • solid understanding of research methodology 
  • ability to turn knowledge from multiple sources into well structured, actionable information
  • good writing skills
  • proficiency in English 


Work Environment


  • work in a fast-growing, extremely promising field
  • collaborate with leading international experts in functional medicine
  • gain global visibility for your work
  • a start-up culture where continuous learning is key
  • vast opportunities for professional and personal development

About Forever Healthy  


Forever Healthy is a private, non-profit initiative with the mission to enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan and be part of the first generation to cure aging.

Through our 'Rejuvenation Now' and 'Maximizing Health' initiatives we seek to continuously identify and evaluate new rejuvenation therapies with reference to their risks, benefits, and potential application and to harness the enormous wealth of the world's cutting-edge medical knowledge to empower informed decisions about health and well-being.

Our acclaimed Undoing Aging conference annually brings together pioneering scientists and startups from around the globe, who are leading the charge in maintaining and restoring full health in old age.

In addition, Forever Healthy supports the development of rejuvenation therapies that undo the damage of aging by funding basic research and mentoring startups that work on therapies for human use.