Our Approach


It all started with a simple question:


"What do I have to do to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible?"


The bleak conventional outlook

This is the survival curve of us humans over time as conventional medicine expects it today. It also shows the traditional view of the expected health level over time for an average individual. Health is supposed to peak between 25 and 30 and go downhill from there as we age. Once we reach 65, we are expected to be in a much worse shape both mentally and physically than we were at our peak at 30. After that, things only get worse, and we are expected to die about 75 years old (our average lifespan). Some of us grow older, but no one lives longer than 120. (the maximum lifespan of our species)


Our quality of life is expected to even be worse


As our health deteriorates over time, our quality of life gets even worse at a faster rate. Obesity and chronic diseases may lead to a lack of energy and vigor, maybe even mild or severe depression. A heart attack might force us to be far less active than we would wish to be. Arthritis makes motion more and more painful, sometimes even early in life. Over time a lot of the activities that we have come to love when we were younger are harder or even impossible to participate in. Our libido diminishes and maybe even disappears altogether. And all this before we even reach retirement.



It does not have to be that way - Extending our healthy lifespan


By applying the latest and often unused scientific knowledge in nutrition, exercise, detox, mental well-being and personalized preventive medicine we can dramatically improve our health, reverse chronic diseases and substantially lower the probability of getting the diseases of civilization and age like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer or diabetes in the first place.

And even today we can already slow some of the processes of aging.



We can do even more - Extending our maximum lifespan


Almost unseen for the general public a scientific revolution is shaping in labs around the world.

Scientists are hard at work to find ways to significantly extend our healthy and our maximum lifespan beyond our current limits.

Drugs and gene therapies are under research to slow down our aging process. Molecular and cellular repair technologies that are by now on the drawing board or are even already under development aim to undo the damage caused by our aging process.



These technologies will help us reverse and eliminate the root causes of the diseases of aging and to slow down, halt or even reverse our aging process.

Obviously, we want to be in our best possible shape when these new therapies arrive step-by-step in the future.



The future starts today


There is already so much we can do today, and exciting possibilities are around the corner.

Depending on the pace of development cellular and molecular repair technologies might only be some decades away, although we need to keep in mind that they will not arrive all at once but rather step-by-step over time.

Amazingly even with future therapies still out of reach, there is already a lot of cutting-edge knowledge and technology that can be used today to significantly extend our healthy lifespan. So, as we age, we could still be on our snowboards on our 85th birthday without fear of diseases and all the other gruesome stuff that comes with old age. 



Getting from here to there 


In order choose the best path forward to vastly extend our healthy life spans and to be part of the first generation to reverse and cure aging we strongly feel that we need to use all of the tools at our disposal.

We do not just wait for science to fix aging for us, repair what's broken by then and hope this happens soon enough for us. On the contrary - we are playing an active role in our own future and to go for the best possible outcome we apply a dual strategy:




  • Actively bring the future to us

  • Actively take ourselves to the future



So, we asked ourselves:


What can we do right now to ... ? 



... immediately maximize our health and quality of life ?

... stay as healthy as possible, for as long as possible ?

... be still in good shape when new therapies arrive in the future ?

... accelerate the pace of development today ?


Here is our approach:



Create, apply and continuously improve the most effective personal health and longevity strategy that we can implement today

Even with future molecular and cellular repair therapies still out of today's reach, there is already a lot of cutting-edge medical knowledge and technology that can be used right now to significantly extend our healthy life spans.

However, most of that knowledge remains often unused because it is either distributed over various experts, specialized communities, blogs, websites, books, and news feeds or buried deeply in scientific research results. Thus, as we know from first-hand experience, it can be quite hard to gather reliable information and make informed decisions regarding a holistic personal longevity strategy.

We decided to change this by creating the most effective personal longevity strategy that can be implemented at present and provide a platform to freely share that knowledge.

It is designed as a holistic and comprehensive 'How-To' that unifies the knowledge from the world's leading sources and turns it into actionable information. It breaks down the vast field into easy to implement 'Step-By-Step' building blocks and offers as much 'Do-It-Yourself' as possible. For those parts where we need professional support, it maps the life extension strategy to existing medical services, enables 'Eye-Level' discussions with our service providers and empowers ourselves to make educated decisions.

To improve our strategy at the leading edge, we follow exciting scientific developments that are around the corner and continuously evaluate how to benefit from them as soon as possible.



Fund the development of molecular and cellular repair technologies

Among all the long-term strategies that try to undo or prevent our aging process, we find the engineering approach to repair the damage caused by aging on a cellular and molecular level by far the most promising in terms of producing dramatic, applicable results in the mid-term future.

However, this extremely promising but young field of research still lacks the attention that other domains in the field of biogerontology receive. We think it is essential to raise the support and accelerate the development of these technologies as much as possible.

To speed-up the availability of therapies to get aging under full medical control, we directly fund cutting-edge research projects and support the creation of rejuvenation biotech startups aimed at molecular and cellular repair of damage caused by our aging process.