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Welcome to Forever Healthy

We are a private non-profit initiative, an open community of highly motivated people collaborating to vastly extend our healthy lifespans and be part of the first generation to cure aging.

These are exciting times

There is vast and often unused medical knowledge available today to immediately improve our well-being and healthy lifespan.

The first human age reversal and rejuvention therapies are already under development and might become available in the near future.

And in what might sound like science fiction to someone new the field, to those close to the actual science getting aging under medical control and ridding ourselves of all age-related diseases is not a matter of 'if' anymore but rather 'when' and whether it will happen 'soon enough' for us. 


In order to make the most of this amazing opportunity we employ a dual strategy

  • Proactively take ourselves to the future by creating the most effective personal health and longevity strategy that can be implemented at present, applying it ourselves and constantly improving it. We make use of the vast amount of advanced medical knowledge available today, the latest scientific achievements as well as our own experience. In the spirit of the open source community we freely share our knowledge and invite everyone to participate
  • Bring the future faster to us by accelerating the development of therapies that address the root causes of aging. We directly fund cutting edge research aimed at the molecular and cellular repair of damage caused by our aging process and support startups turning that research into therapies for human use.


Our Forever Healthy Foundation serves as our organizational backbone and provides the resources for our quest.



Connect to like-minded People


Actively managing our own health and driving the transition to a world where it is possible to vastly extend our healthy lifespans and to cure aging is huge endeavor. We strongly feel it is best done in a community of people sharing the same vision, all collaborating, contributing and supporting each other. Therefore we share our knowledge, give talks and actively reach out in order to invite everyone interested to join and participate.

Join our casual get together in Berlin. We chat about the lastest developments in our exciting field.

Use our facebook group to connect and collaborate with Forever Healthy members worldwide.


Let's all meet at the largest ever gathering of radical life extension enthusiasts.
August 4-7, San Diego, CA