Analyst for Functional and Preventive Medicine

Analyst for Functional and Preventive Medicine​

Full time – remote and/or on-site (Karlsruhe, Germany)

There is already a vast amount of cutting-edge medical knowledge that can be used right now to maximize our health and well-being.

Unfortunately, most of it remains unused because it is spread out across various experts, specialized communities, blogs, books, and websites, or deeply buried in scientific research, making informed decisions regarding one’s personal health quite hard.

To change this, we have created our ‚Maximizing Health‚ initiative to transform this inaccessible knowledge into actionable information by thoroughly examining relevant topics and summarizing our findings in practical guides.


  • You will be responsible for systematically reviewing, researching and structuring the latest medical knowledge on various health-related topics
  • Your work will cover a wide variety of subjects related to comprehensive health monitoring, mental well-being, integrative medicine, and personalized prevention
  • You will create „Practical Guides“ to turn inaccessible knowledge into actionable information and empower informed decisions about health and well-being
  • Your findings will be published „open access“ as part of Forever Healthy’s public knowledge base


  • university degree in medicine (MD, Dr. med, Dipl. med, MBBS)
  • strong scientific curiosity, particularly for prevention, health monitoring, and integrative medicine
  • excellent analytical skills
  • ability to turn knowledge from multiple sources into well-structured, actionable information
  • excellent writing skills
  • high level of proficiency in English (C2)

Work Environment

  • flexible on-site / remote work arrangements with team events in various locations worldwide
  • a beautiful office space
  • work in a fast-growing, extremely promising field
  • collaborate with leading international experts in the integrative and preventive medicine community
  • gain global visibility for your work
  • a start-up culture where continuous learning is key
  • ​vast opportunities for professional and personal development

About Forever Healthy

​​Forever Healthy is a private, humanitarian initiative with the mission of enabling people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan.

Through its „Maximizing Health“ and „Rejuvenation Now“ initiatives Forever Healthy reviews the latest medical knowledge, creates actionable guides to maximize health and well-being, and evaluates currently available rejuvenation therapies.

The foundation’s „Health & Longevity Strategy“ combines the results of „Rejuvenation Now“ and „Maximizing Health“ with the latest knowledge from selected experts to create a step-by-step guide on how to maximize our health, well-being, and longevity right now.

Forever Healthy’s annual Undoing Aging conference brings together leading scientists and startups from around the globe to accelerate the development of human rejuvenation therapies.

In addition, we seek to accelerate the advent of rejuvenation biotechnology by funding translational research and supporting startups in the field