Our Approach

Let's imagine we could ...

  • … immediately improve our health and well-being
  • … reverse chronic disease
  • … be as healthy at the age of 70 as we are at 30
  • … stay free of the diseases of aging for our whole life
  • … ​extend our youthful lifespan by decades or even longer

Amazingly, all of this is within our reach right now ​

Almost unnoticed by the public, an incredible scientific revolution is in the making.

There is a vast amount of unused medical knowledge on prevention, health monitoring, and integrative therapeutic approaches that, if used, would present an exciting opportunity to significantly improve our health, reverse chronic disease, and extend our healthy lifespan.

Moreover, the world has started the transition from an era in which we were utterly helpless about our aging process to one in which aging is under full medical control, and age-related diseases are a thing of the past.

We are not there yet, but the theoretical groundwork has been laid and scientists have successfully started working on the fundamentals.

The first human rejuvenation therapies like clearance of senescent cells, removal of arterial plaque, or breaking of cross-links are under development. These remarkable technologies aim at slowing or partially reversing aspects of the aging process. Some of them are even available today.

In the future, a multitude of molecular repair technologies, which are currently on the drawing board or under development, will allow us to progressively undo the damage caused by aging. They will enable us to slow down, halt, or even completely reverse the aging process and counter the root causes of age-related diseases.

The future starts today

Depending on the pace of development, the first highly effective rejuvenation therapies might be available in less than a decade. However, we need to keep in mind that a complete set of “full-body” rejuvenation therapies will not arrive all at once but rather step-by-step over time.

Amazingly, there is already so much we can do right now, and exciting possibilities are just around the corner. So, as we age, we could still be on our snowboards on our 85th birthday without fear of diseases and all the other gruesome stuff that comes with old age.


So, we asked ourselves:

What can we do right now to …?

… immediately maximize our health and quality of life?

… stay as healthy as possible, for as long as possible?

… still be in good shape when new therapies arrive in the future?

… accelerate the pace of development?

Here is our approach

We apply a dual strategy to achieve the best possible outcome

  • Actively take ourselves to the future by making use of the latest medical knowledge
  • Actively bring the future to us by accelerating the development of rejuvenation therapies
Making use of the latest medical knowledge

Through our “Maximizing Health”  and “Rejuvenation Now” initiatives we review the latest medical knowledge, create actionable guides to maximize health and well-being, and evaluate currently available rejuvenation therapies.

Our “Health & Longevity Strategy” combines those results with the latest knowledge from selected experts to create a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to maximize our health, well-being, and longevity right now.

Accelerating the development of rejuvenation therapies

Our annual Undoing Aging conference brings together leading scientists and startups from around the globe to accelerate the development of human rejuvenation therapies.

In addition, we seek to accelerate the advent of the rejuvenation biotech industry by funding the most promising research with translational potential and mentoring startups that work on therapies for human use.